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Dear Circus Friends,

My name is Ivan M. Henry and I am the 4th generation of a circus/show business dynasty. What you are about to read is an accumulation of circus history spanning 5 generations, starting in the 1800’s to the present. It will include Mudd Shows, Vaudeville, Modern Circus, Motion Pictures, and Television including a host of circus performers.

“Once seen, never forgotten, and once it’s over, all that’s left are wagon tracks and peanut shell”s.”

So…Sit back, Relax and Enjoy the Show! 

Ivan M. Henry
Published on August 27, 2008 at 3:57 am  Comments (14)  

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  1. Thank you for posting these pics!! We loved looking at them and learning about our family history.
    We love you Papa!!
    Jack and Kaitlyn

  2. How cool is this!? Ivan, I had no idea you were 4th generation in such a fascinating world of entertainment. Are you going to add your training of some of the most famous animal stars in recent movie history? I’ll add your blog to my favorites.

  3. Papa,
    This is AMAZING!! We all may not realize it now, but this is extrodinarily important to all of the grandkids to know and understand the importance of our family history and what Papa has accomplished. We love you dearly and miss you.
    All our love,
    Mike, Leslie, and Mackenzie

  4. Dear Ivan,
    I was surfing around feeling sentimental for the circus and looking up old friends. I was kind of surprised to find you! I do hope you remember my family and I. It would be great to hear from you. You can email me at the provided email address!

  5. Wow, Ivan this is real good and my hat is off to you for the time and patience it took to assemble and put his all together for the generations to see. Maybe now, people will see the real work it takes too ” make the show possible” and the generations of family it took to keep this part of us alive.
    Michael the Uncle

  6. Ivan:

    Great job with this web site. Much of this history will be lost over the next decade. Thanks for the memories.


  7. Ivan:

    I would love to get any and all info you have on the Clarkonians as my husband is the Great Grandson of Charles Clarke.


  8. Wonderful job on the site Ivan and I am still amazed at that picture of daddy . He was really young.

    I did not know we went back so many generations in the circus family. Thank you for holding on to that for us and our future Henry generations.
    I have fond memories of going to see you and Uncle Cliff perform and I LOVED toby!!! Still have the picture some where of me holding him.
    Again great job and thank you,
    love you..Debra Henry Schreck

  9. My sister just forwarded me the photos of Siebrand
    Brothers. They brought back some great memories. My two grandfathers were Sam Siebrand and Harry Clark.
    I was born on the show when it was in Winter Quarters in San Diego. I spent my summers on the show from 1950 to 1954.

  10. Dear Ivan, a truly excellent expose of the history of entertainment and the circus origins.The pictures are a time capsule of the way life was. Having met you personaly,and experienced your wisdom and knowledge,I was facinated by the images and enlightened to your family history. Great Job. Jimmy Hecker

  11. Hi Mr. Henry..Im Jack Badals son,and he would love to get your address to send you picture of yourself from the old circus days..

  12. Hi Ivan..Its Jack Badal..I have alot of old photos of you from the old circus days..I would love to send them to you but I need an address..Let me know how your doing..

  13. Oh my goodness! Thanks for posting these wonderful entries!

  14. Hi, Henry!

    I just found this website!
    I have not seen all the photos yet! Great idea! I am looking forward going down memory lane! I pray all is well with you and yours! Email me! Love to talk & catch up with the latest! My dad and grandfather would have loved it! I have a lot of great memories on the show (Siebrand Bros.)growing up! I remember you & your family along with all the circus acts over the years!

    Thanks for the memories!

    Peter M. Siebrand
    (AKA Re Pete a Pete or RE Pete! the third)

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