May Kovar


This picture is of May Kovar, following the family tradition of big cat trainers. Her father was Harry Black Cat Kovar, her mother’s name was May Kovar Sr. Photo taken……1971.

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Ready Pat

I remember this picture well because I was ribbing Pat about his collar being up.

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Monster Trucks

Maricopa County Fair 2003 and 2004. I wanted to produce something different and something that I had never done before.  It drew a full grandstand….every show.

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At the Carnival

Not a bad crowd, Siebrand Bros. Photo taken from the top of the…. Girl Show bally platform trailer.

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Dennis Day

I was director of entertainment for the National Date Festival, Indio, Calif. My job included special events, advertising and promotions. I needed a headlner for the fair’s annual parade.  I hired Dennis Day for the job as well as a master of ceremonies for special shows.  The Fair had a great run.

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The Tip and The Bally

The pitch began “For the price of only fifty cents you will see ten big acts…YES TEN of the strangest people born to God’s green earth, each one will perform for you, and amaze you!They are waiting for you now on the  inside so hurry get your tickets here to the left and right of me. Hurry, hurry it’s show time.” And then the base drum would start again….to this day I remember the rhythm of that drum.

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Pete Cortez Sideshow

Just to the left is the circus. The show lasted about 30 minutes, then the blow off. Pete would start the bally on the base drum, and the pitch began. “Hey… Hi…. Look Over this way, wonders of the world here and on the inside, and your just in time.”

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Siebrand Bros…. Filer, Idaho

The Circus was set up in the grandstand arena. On this day we did an afternoon performance. The Carnival is in the upper part of photo.  Siebrand Bros. Circus 1953.

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Henry’s Chimps in Hawaii

1963…. Ivan in Hawaii with the E.K. Fernandes Circus. The season before my Dad was with me. This season he had Pan American Shows out on tour, so I did a single. I was in Hawaii for 10 weeks and played all the islands.

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Sheriff Arpiro and Ivan Henry

This man is one stand up fellow!

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