Jerry Reid at Lakemont Park

From left to right: Jerry’s road manager, Jerry Reid, country singer, and Ivan M. Henry….backstage at Lakemont Park, Altoona, PA. The 3 of us were deciding the list of songs for Jerry’s afternoon show.


Ivan with Jackie and Boy

This picture was taken at Legend City, Tempe, AZ in 1977.  Henry Bros. Circus was in full swing. My two sons, Solon and Gabe, performed with the other animals in the circus.

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Ivan and Toby

Ivan and Toby taking a bow on the Royal International Circus produced by Al Mall.

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Monster Trucks

Maricopa County Fair 2003 and 2004. I wanted to produce something different and something that I had never done before.  It drew a full grandstand….every show.

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Henry’s Hippy Chimps

In the Mid 1960’s we did a lot of shows in San Fransico. This photo was used in all the news papers.

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Bongie’s Headstand

Bongie was trying to do a complete headstand, but his feet would hit the canvas, so I went to one knee and he made it. I was told it put a smile on E.K’s Fernandes face.

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Henry’s Chimps in Hawaii

1963…. Ivan in Hawaii with the E.K. Fernandes Circus. The season before my Dad was with me. This season he had Pan American Shows out on tour, so I did a single. I was in Hawaii for 10 weeks and played all the islands.

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Sheriff Arpiro and Ivan Henry

This man is one stand up fellow!

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Teaching Solon

“Now remember son, the first thing you have to learn is how to clean up after the elephant”….notice that Solon is hiding the shovel so it doesn’t show in the photo.

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Henry’s Chimps

Henry’s Chimps….natural born comedians of the jungle….performing with Great London Circus.

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